Testing Laboratory at Zanelli

In addition to John Godrich’s experience in advising customers as to the correct choice of mixing equipment backed up by a demonstration laboratory disperser, we are able to offer pilot/small production facilities at Zanelli, near Parma in Italy.

“The new TEST CENTER ZANELLI at Customer’s service is equipped with laboratory machines having small capacity up to pilot machines that can deal with small-scale production of products with low, medium and high viscosity. Our attention is focused on the aim of reproducing in scale, as far as possible, the functional features and structural properties of industrial size machines. The machines available in the TEST CENTER ZANELLI are equipped with instruments for monitoring and data detection such as: temperature probes, vacuum pump, over pressure, heating/cooling of mixing vessel, variable speed of the tools, etc.. all managed by a supervision system that allows us to collect all the data and the trends of the values during the tests. After completing the tests, results, obtained from the tests carried out, are examined together with the Customer and with the help of our Technical Department, that has an established experience, we are able to calculate which is the most suitable production machine or plant according to Customer’s needs in terms of technical and economical issues.”

It includes,


Twin Shaft Mixer/disperser

Planetary Mixer/disperser

Horizontal mixer


and all the usual laboratory facilities for weighing and measuring.

Please let us know if you have a suitable application.

by John Godrich

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