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Zehntner ZRM1021 45/0 Reflectometer

Sturdy, portable and battery-powered precision reflectometer for determination of whiteness, lightness, opacity and hiding power of paints, inks and coatings.

Also for determination of day visibility (luminance factor β) of dry road markings


°Quality, portable, Swiss made accumulator powered 45/0º reflectometer.

Halogen light source – standard illuminant C.

Aluminium casing.

Rechargeable accumulator.

Standard Delivery:

1 battery operated reflectometer
1 working standard
1 zero standard
1 battery charger (115 V or 230 V)
1 connection cable
1 spare lamp with allen key
1 screw driver
1 certificate of manufacturer
1 certificate of calibration
1 carrying case


DIN 55984
EN 1436
ISO 2814 (withdrawn 2013)

Warranty: 2 years


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