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Zehntner ZMK 5050-5054 Road Marking Test Kits

Handy kits, specially designed for quality control of road markings with the entire range of measuring and test equipment for determination of wet film thickness, dry film thickness (only ZMK 5051-5053), temperature, relative humidity as well as the amount and embedding of drop-on-materials

These control kits for quality checking of road markings, are available in various versions either with or without the digital markings thickness gauge.

included in all version are:

• 1 ZND 2052 wet film thickness gauge, 100 to 950 µm, (3.9 to 37.4 mil) in steps of 25 µm (1 mil)
• 1 insertion thermometer, -10 to +200°C (14 to 392°F)
• 1 hygrometer, 25 to 95% relative humidity
• 1 electronic balance, 0 to 2’000 g (0 to 4.409 Ibs)
• 1 magnifying glass, 6x magnification with scale
• 1 certificate of manufacturer
• 1 instruction manual
• 1 carrying case

optional extras:

• 1 ZMM 5000 Digital marking gauge for measuring the dry film thickness of road markings (depending on version display in mm or changeable in inch)


• 1 Marking wedge gauge for testing the dry film thickness of road markings


ASTM D 713
ASTM D 4414
ISO 2808
EN 13197
ZTV M 13

Zehntner-products: 2 years, trade products: 1 year


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