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Zehntner ZIL 2140 Ink-Lox Proofer

Laboratory test apparatus with different engraved and rubber rollers for application of defined layers of flexographic inks and other liquid coating materials on flat substrates.

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Zehntner’s Ink Lox proofer is available with single or multiple engraved cylinders and rubber rollers according to tables below.

Application width 115mm

Adapter available for use with ZAA2300 automatic applicator.

Engraved roller No. No. of cells Cell volume (on request, in steps of 0.5 cm3/m2) Cell depth
80 80/cm (200/inch) 9-18 cm3/m2 (5.8-11.6 BCM*) The cell depth is
calculated by the number of
lines/cm and the cell volume.
120 120/cm (300/inch) 7-13.5 cm3/m2 (4.5-8.7 BCM*)
140 140/cm (350/inch) 6.5-13.5 cm3/m2 (4.2-8.7 BCM*)
160 160/cm (400/inch) 6-11.5 cm3/m2 (3.9-7.4 BCM*)
180 180/cm (450/inch) 4.5-10.5 cm3/m2 (2.9-6.8 BCM*)
Rubber roller No. Property Shore hardness
h hard (rubber) 70° Sh A
s hard (silicone) 70° Sh A
w soft (rubber) 40° Sh A

*Billion Cubic Microns

Standard Delivery:

• 1, 2, 3 or 4 engraved rollers
• 1 or 2 rubber rollers
• 2 weights
• 1 handle with frame
• 12 o-ring seals
• 1 instruction manual
• 1 certificate of manufacturer
• 1 carrying case


Engraved cylinders: 2 years

Rubber rollers: 1 year

O-ring seals without warranty.




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