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Velp COEX Cold Extractor

In order to perform a reliable raw fibre determination, the sample must have a fat content of (<1° )

For those samples which exceed this value preliminary fat extraction is required using acetone, hexane or petroleum.
With COEX you may perform single or multiple samples at the same time.


COEX uses the cold extraction method, with of a solvent that acts directly on the sample. The high efficient pump aspirates and removes the fatty component, collected in a dedicated waste tank/bottle.

No sample transfer- prevents any possible sample loss, as the same crucibles can be processed by FIWE Series.

Precise Results

  • Reduces fat to below 1% improving analytical precision
  • No loss – reduced sample remains in same crucible for analysis


  • Immediate raw fiber extraction after fat extraction has been carried out with this equipment
  • Processing of individual or several samples
  • Back-pressure pump keeps crucibles free from clogging


  • Fatty components collected for easy disposal
  • All reagents can be added through the same channel


  • Combine with FIWE for raw fiber analyzer


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