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TensoLab 3 Strength Tester

Strength Tester /Tensiometer with bespoke software, designed for the testing of textile samples.

Thanks to the modular software, traction, compression, tearing, seam slippage and hysteresis loop tests in compliance with international standards can be carried out.

Interchangeable load cells with maximum range 3000 N, and a huge range of pneumatic and mechanical clamps are available to suit different fabric and yarn samples..

Also Available in a PC independent version, ideal for installation directly on production the floor.

Kg 83
(L) 610 (P) 600 (H) 1340 mm
220V/110V 50/60 Hz

The control software has been designed, and is constantly updated, in collaboration with important textile laboratories and end users.

– effective

– easy to operate

– open towards the most common application software

– in compliance with the current textile standards

– it runs with the most recent operating systems, and can be installed on a IBM PC or compatible, which follows some minimum hardware requirements.

The software is composed of three main sections: control program (of machine functions), data storage program, program to run the different application modules.

The operator can perform generic tests which can be set up as desired for all parameters, or perform guided tests, choosing the module related to a specific standard; allowing selection of only the parameters referred to in that standard, and making reports and graphs in accordance to the same.

Dual column versions are available for higher load tests, up to 50,000 N



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