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PC Laborsystem Labotop

Ultimate Laboratory mixer which mixes, disperses or kneads all in one machine.

The ideal machine for all mixing and dispersing processes used in laboratories.

The latest innovation of the PC Laborsystem company is the combined mixing system Labotop. The Labotop system is an all-purpose mixing machine for the processing of high-viscous products.

The PC Laborsystem planetary mixer combines the processes of mixing and dispersing in a very rational way. The planetary tool mixes very different products (fluids as well as solid materials) to an extremely homogenous mass. The mixing stream is generated by the rotating mixing unit. The single components are mixed due to the flow forces generated by the mixing stream. The type, intensity and direction of the mixing stream depend on the shape of the mixing tool, the viscosity of the fluid and the relative speed of the tool compared to the speed of the fluid. The economical mode of operation of this mixing system is based on the principle of combining dynamic and mechanical mass acceleration (circumferential speed in combination with the profiling of the dispersing disc).

Our Labotop system allows dispersing, stirring, homogenizing, mixing and emulsifying with various tool configurations for optimal processing results.

Tool configurations

Size From 1 to approx. 100 Liters
Tools Disperser, PCSE-disk
Disperser – Butterfly
Disperser – Kneading tool
Butterfly up to 12 m/s
Butterfly – Butterfly
Butterfly – Kneading tool
Kneading tool – Kneading tool
Executions Various mixing vessel
For operation under vacuum
Heating/cooling jacket
Product outlet
Measuring of temperature in product mass
Measuring of temperature on heating/cooling jacket
Control Standard including various digital displays
Data registering
Process control
Additional components Various devices such as funnels, charging tubes etc.
for adding raw materials.


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