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Martindale Abrasion Tester ( 6 or 9 Places)

Instrument for abrasion and pilling control of all types of woven, non woven and knitted fabrics, (socks, gloves, natural and artificial leather, etc), also suitable for wet specimens. Martindale is in accordance with International Standards and officially approved by M&S.

  • Extremely silent and vibration free movement with 6 or 9 testing positions.
  • 3 different movements for abrasion, pilling and rubbing tests.
  • Quick figure selection with ABC pilot pins, easy adjustment.
  • Three different test speed settings, 45 giri/min standard, plus 24 or 72 giri/min.
  • Equipped with a set of sample holders and weights of 9 and 12 kPa.
  • Large LCD touch screen display for easy reading of test results and menu selection for test parameters.
  • For each working head, up to 9 stops can be programmed, for specimen examination.
  • Easy access to test specimens without the need to lift or remove the moving plate.
  • Delivered with a supply of abrading fabric, foam and felt consumables.
  • EN ISO 9001 calibration report available on request.
  • Quality European made Equipment.


Abrasion: UNI EN ISO 12947-1, UNI EN ISO 12947-2, UNI EN ISO 12947-3, UNI EN ISO 12947-4, UNI EN ISO 20344, UNI EN 388, UNI EN 530, UNI EN 13770, UNI EN ISO 13520, UNI EN ISO 17076-2, UNI EN ISO 5470-2, ISO 17704, VDA 230-211, ASTM D4966, BS 3424-24 TM 27 A, IWTO 40, SN 198529, IWS TM 112, M&S P18C, M&S P19, M&S P19A, M&S P19B, M&S P19C. Pilling: UNI EN ISO 12945-2, ASTM D4970, IWS TM 196, SN 198525, M&S P17.

Power Supply: 220 Volt 50 Hz /110V 60 Hz, 100 VA.


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