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Manual Crock Meter

Hand Driven apparatus to determine the Colour fastness to rubbing of textile samples.

The textile specimen under test is rubbed against a crocking cloth made of dry or wet cotton.

The staining of the crocking cloth is assessed against a grey scale A03.


Fitted with a battery powered digital cycle counter (about 5 years battery life).
Supplied with: 50 pcs of cotton crocking cloth, 1 rubbing dowel with 1,6 cm diameter, 1 rectangular rubbing dowel 19 x 24.5mm for velvet and interchangeable and weights for pressure tests 9N and 22N.
Cotton crocking cloth (500 pcs)
Grey Scale A03
ISO UNI EN 105 X12, AATCC 8/165, M&S C8
(L) 670 (P) 220 (H) 210 mm


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