Supply, service, calibrate (UKAS) and support a wide range of industrial mixing and laboratory equipment.

Linn Hi Therm Furnaces

Linn HiTherm specialize in the production of industrial and lab furnaces/ kilns, microwave furnaces, sample preparation units for spectroscopy, induction heating systems, precision fine casting systems and customer-specific systems.


Quality German made laboratory and industrial furnaces for many applications.

A huge range is available.

Applications include:

Annealing, Ashing, borating, brazing, bright annealing, burning, calcination, carburisation, casting, continuous heating, crystal growth, curing, CVD, de-binding, de-waxing, drying, firing, forging, fusion, gemstone treatment, glueing, graphitisation, hardening, melting, nitriding, welding, tempering, stress relieving, sintering, reduction, fine casting, pre- heating, oxidation, nitrocarburising, surface treatment.

Induction heated, microwave heated and resistance heated models.

Specialised bespoke solutions also available.

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industrial furnaces


Laboratory catalogue

microwave heating

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