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L & M Sewability Tester


The L&M Sewability tester has been developed to give a standard reproducible test for sewability, i.e. a test which will indicate to the clothier whether any supplied fabric is capable of being sewn without difficulty. The information supplied by the machine is not subject to variations of sewing conditions or operator skill.


The tester allows consecutive readings of force for penetration of the fabric by a selected needle to be measured on a small sample of fabric at a rate of 100 penetrations/min. Using a threshold figure high counts are recorded when the threshold is exceeded. Good sewability is indicated by the absence of ‘high’ counts.


looking at the distribution of penetration forces (particularly important for woven fabrics) and operates in two ways.

Average: This shows the average force on the needle over a period of 100 penetrations and will automatically adjust the average at each successive 100 penetrations.

Force gm: This shows the peak penetration force at each penetration. This can be useful for short-term tests and looking at short-term variation in fabrics.

The average is automatically reset by resetting the total and high count buttons.

Average and high count methods operate simultaneously.

Brochure- sewability


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