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Fluko SM Stirrer

Standard stirrer for open and closed non-pressured containers.

FLUKO compact stirrers:

For tasks involving the stirring of aqueous products in small drums, we recommend a fast-running stirrer of type SM.

For higher viscosity media or large container dimensions, GM stirrers from FLUKO are the right solution.

For very rough operating conditions or high viscosity in very large containers, compact stirrers of type FGM are used.

If the space above the container is restricted, compact stirrers of type SGM with angular-gear motor are used.

The FLUKO type RM compact stirrer is used where manual adjustment of stirrer speed is needed

Compact stirrer SM

For tasks involving the stirring of aqueous products in small drums, we recommend a fast-running stirrer of type SM.

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The stirring shaft is fitted directly to the drive with a hub coupling. The stirrer can be mounted onto a container using the motor’s IEC flange. Alternatively the stirrercan be mounted using a clamp on the motor foot, suitable for mounting on traverses or stirrer stands; available on request.


The three phase standard motors are available in all common voltages and 50 or 60 Hz. Standard motors are in protection class IP55. Explosion proof motors according to ATEX standards are available on request. The drive bearings are permanently lubricated and require no maintenance. Motor speeds: 3000, 1500, 1000 and 750 rpm (at 50 Hz) are available in all stirrer sizes. Pole changeable motors available. ns.

Mixer shafts

The mixer shafts are dimensioned for continuous operation. The standard shaft is made of highly corrosion resistant SS 316 Ti. Other shaft materials of coatings can be ordered according to the application. Flanged- or quick-change-couplings can also be delivered on request. Each mixer shaft is tested and protocolled for true running in our works. Stirrer speeds are dimensioned with sufficient distance from the shaft’s criticle speed.

Stirring devices

Stirrers are fitted with interchangeable threeblade propellers, fixed to the shaft either directly threaded or with a hub and grub screws. Other devices such as dispersing discs, flatblade propellers or turbine-propellers can be quoted and dimensioned according to the application. For pass-through operation of the mixer occuring when filling and emptying of the vessel, propellers can be fitted with stabilising rings.


The mixer shafts and mixer elements are all made of stainless steel (316Ti) or unalloyed steel with PE-, hard rubber or PVDF-coating. Motor casing are painted silver with 2 component paint. Other RAL colours on request.

Stirrer mounting and shaft seals

The standard version of the FLUKO High Speed Mixer Typ SM is constructed for operation in open or closed non pressurised vessels. The mounting is made directly onto a counter flange. On request a motor flange/foot construction can be supplied. Various seals are available for the stirrer. From simple lip seals integrated into the mounting flange to mechanicalseals or stuffing boxes mounted in special seal housíngs with or without pressurised quench systems. For mixer shaft-lengths over 1800 mm an additional shaft bearing in a special bearing-housing is available.


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