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Binder CB Series CO2 Incubators

CO2 incubator with additional process controls.

The BINDER CB series CO2 incubator is the premium class among the CO2 incubators. It is suitable for all sensitive incubation applications and ensures optimal cell growth. A BINDER CO2 incubator of the CB series is up to even complex cultivation experiments or individual environments.

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BINDER CB Series CO2 Incubators with hot air sterilization and heat sterilizable CO₂ sensor.

CO2 Incubators – Electronically controlled APT.line™ preheating chamber assuring temperature accuracy and best cell growth.

BINDER CO2 Incubators – Available in a range of sizes ranging from 53-210 litres internal capacity.

Important characteristics:

  • Temperature range from 7 °C above ambient temperature to 60 °C
  • MCS controller for temperature and CO2 concentration
  • User-friendly LCD screen
    • Easy-to-read menu guide
    • Integrated electronic chart recorder
    • Variety of options for the graphic display of process parameters
    • Real time clock
  • Standard-compliant hot air sterilization at 180 °C (DIN 58947)
  • VENTAIR™ Jacket System
  • Drift-free infrared CO2 measurement system
  • Patended Gas mixing nozzle
  • Permadry System – condensation-free double-pan humidification system, maintains dry interior walls
  • Seamless deep-drawn inner chamber made of stainless steel with integrated shelf support system (flanges)
  • Electronic self-diagnostic system for errors with visual and audible alarms, as well as relay potential changeover contact for central monitoring
  • Independent temperature safety device class 3.1 (DIN 12880) with optical and audible temperature alarm
  • Tightly-fitted inner glass door
  • RS 422 interface for communication software APT-COM™ DataControlSystem
  • 2 perforated stainless steel shelves with standard equipement and O2 control
  • Units are stackable with stacking adapter
  • Door lock
  • BINDER test confirmation

BINDER CO2 – Options available include:

Silicone access port with two silicone plugs, 30 mm, back O
Lockable controller keyboard O
Gas tank connection set for CO2 consisting of a gas tank pressure regulator (max. pressure 10 bar) with connection parts and 5 m hose O
Gas tank connection set for O2 consisting of a gas tank pressure regulator (max. pressure 10 bar) with connection parts and 5 m hose O
Gas tank connection set for N2 consisting of a gas tank pressure regulator max. pressure 10 bar) with connection parts and 5 m hose O
BINDER Gas Supply Service external gas tank replacement for connecting 2 gas tanks, either CO2 or N2, with audible and visual alarms, as well as potential-free alarm output O
Unit conversion from RS 422 to Ethernet interface O
4 – 20 mA analog outputs for temperature and CO2 measurements (e.g. chart recorder connection) with 6-pin DIN socket (output not adjustable) O
Switched LEMO inner chamber socket (coverable) and LEMO connector (max. current carrying capacity 230 V AC – 3 A) (protection class IP 65) O
Independent Intelligent Fail Safe monitoring function. Unique safety function used to prevent unnoticed deviations of the CO2 concentration from the set value. Note: Not possible in conjunction with access ports or divided inner glass door O
Calibration certificate for temperature and CO2 (temperature measurement in center / CO2 measurement performed using analyzed test gas at 37 °C and 5% CO2) O
Calibration certificate for optional O2 control, O2 measurement with analyzed test gas 1% O2 O
Temperature measurement acc. to DIN 12880 (27 measuring points) at 37 °C or at specified temperature with measuring protocol and certificate O
Manual for Primary Human Cell Culture, in English O
Shelf, perforated, stainless steel O
Shelf, stainless steel for divided gas-tight inner glass door O
Base on casters O
Stacking adapter for direct thermal decoupled stacking of two C 53 CO2 incubators O


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