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Admix Boston Shear Mill

Inline High Shear Mixer for vegetable processing

Boston Shearmill™ High Intensity Wet Milling, Homogenizing & Particle Reduction

The Boston Shearmill™ and Boston Shearpump® series of sanitary in-line high shear mixers surpass the capabilities of conventional shearpumps by providing very high throughputs at high to extreme shear rates. They are designed for continuous duty, running 24 hours a day / seven days a week! This series of in-line emulsifiers and wet mills will mix, disperse, emulsify, pulverize, macerate, crush, homogenize, and reduce solids particles. They withstand uneven flow patterns, bumps, jolts or fluctuations in pressure.

  • Each shear head has a 2-stage rotor turning within a close clearance 2-stage stator, with most models featuring 3 heads in series
  • Low Maintenance – designed for continuous duty
  • Meets 3-A TPV Standards #36-01
  • Over 20 variations of rotor/stator combinations from coarse to ultrafine
  • Special purpose rotors and stators available to provide low shear or extra chopping where required
  • Easy to clean – no crevices, deadlegs or open threads
  • Average (mean) emulsion droplets from 0.5-3 microns
  • Solid particle/aggregate particle reduction dependent on durometer of particle
  • Three distinct series provide a wide range in capacity, power consumption and tip speed to allow best results for your process!




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