MAZERUSTAR Satellite Motion Mixing/kneading and Deaeration Systems from Kurabo

Mixing/kneading Combined with Deaeration!

The system is highly effective for a number of purposes including:

  • High-viscosity liquids that cannot be processed or take a long time to mix/knead or deaerate when a conventional mixer/kneader or deaerator is used
  • Uniform mixing/dispersion of materials having a great difference in blending ratios and specific gravity when the liquids are mixed with each other, or when a liquid is mixed with powder/filler
  • Materials that need to be processed with minimal waste and contamination (by foreign matter) because they have high added value
  • Operation processes in which it is desirable to eliminate steps involving the cleaning of the system and containers

Mazerustar KK-400W

Intended uses

  • Conductive/low-resistance materials such as gold/silver/carbon paste
  • Sealing/insulation materials such as glass/ceramic paste
  • Sealing materials/adhesives such as one-pack or two-pack epoxy resin
  • Molding materials such as silicon resin
  • Mixing of various coloring materials such as ink, paint, and pigment
  • Manufacture of dental materials, pharmaceutical materials, cosmetic base materials, etc.
  • Polishing of precision components, etc

Fast mixing/kneading and deaeration!

Both mixing/kneading and deaeration can be carried out simultaneously by rotating and revolving containers.

Four advantages of MAZERUSTAR

  1. Enables mixing/kneading and deaeration of high-viscous liquids, which was either not possible or took a long time in the past.
  2. Enables uniform mixing/dispersion of liquids or a liquid and a powder/filler with a large compounding ratio or a large difference in specific gravity.
  3. Allows for high-value-added production because the processed materials are not wasted or contaminated by any foreign matter.
  4. Saves labor related to cleaning the system and containers.

Introduction Examples

MAZERUSTAR - Kurabo Introduction Example - Before and After Images

Features and Specifications

KK-250S – Find out more >

  • Standard container: 250ml dedicated container made of HDPE
  • Processing capacity:250g x 1 cup
  • Power consumption: Approx.650W
  • External dimensions(WDH):350×420×415
  • Weight of main unit: Approx.37kg

KK-300SS – Find out more >

  • Standard container: 300ml HDPE
  • 310 g x 1 cup
  • Supply voltage: AC100V – AC200 – 240V
  • Power rating: Approximately 400W
  • Outside dimensions (WDH): 340*315*370
  • System unit weight: 24 kg

KK-400WE – Find out more >

  • Standard container:400ml dedicated container made of HDPE
  • Processing capacity:400g x 2 cups
  • Power consumption:Approx.750W
  • External dimensions(WDH):400×513×457
  • Weight of main unit:Approx.51kg

KK-1000W – Find out more >

  • Standard container:1.1L dedicated container made of HDPE
  • Processing capacity:(1kg x 2 cups)
  • Power consumption:Approx.1kW
  • External dimensions(WDH):565×583×662
  • Weight of main unit:140kg
Item Description *1)
KK-250S KK-400W KK-1000W
Standard container*2) 250ml container made of HDPE
Dedicated container
400ml container made of HDPE
Dedicated container
1.1L container made of HDPE
Dedicated container
Processing capacity*3) 250g x 1 cup 300g x 2 cups 1kg x 2 cups
Number of stages
Rotations 9 (levels 9 to 1)
Revolutions 10 (levels 9 to 0) (1.0 to 0.0 times relative to the rotating speed)
Set time x number of steps 10 to 990 seconds x 3 steps
Number of channels 20
Warning functions Imbalance, upper door and maintenance cover open, and overload
Safety functions Automatic stop when error occurs, door locks during operation, and operation locks when upper door is open
Operating temperature/humidity 10-40℃, 20-80% RH
Power supply voltage AC100-120V
or AC200-240V
WE: AC200-240V
Power consumption Approx. 650W Approx. 750W Approx. 1kW
External dimensions: (WDH) 350×420×415 410×513×490 600×690×713
Weight of main unit Approx. 37kg Approx. 60kg Approx. 120kg

*1) The above specifications are subject to change without notice.
*2) The use of the optionally available adapter allows the use of multiple containers of your choice.
*3) The indicated weight is gross weight including the containers and adapters. The allowable weight may decrease depending on the operating conditions and sample properties.

Larger Machines up to 10Kg capacity and Vacuum models also available.

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