Immersion Mills from Hockmeyer

Hockmeyer Mixing

John Godrich ltd are now pleased to be able to offer HPC and HPCN Immersion Mills from Hockmeyer to customers in the U.K and Ireland.

Immersion Milling offers all of the advantages of media milling with none of the drawbacks of traditional milling. Designed to be highly efficient, easy to use, clean and maintain, the HCP Series Mills are streamlining operations the world over. Traditional milling is slow due to the low velocity of the feed stock passing through the shear zone. This is true of both horizontal and 3-roll mills. To increase velocity through these systems, the intensity of the shear zone must be decreased. Immersion milling works in an entirely different way. Products are passed through an aggressive shear zone at a very high velocity; as fast as 50 passes per hour! This produces very narrow particle size distributions and decreases the bead to product ratio necessary for efficient milling. The HCP Series Mills provide a substantially higher rate of return on invested capital than traditional alternatives.

Hockmeyer Mixing

by John Godrich

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