Immersion Mills from Hockmeyer

Hockmeyer Mixing

John Godrich ltd are now pleased to be able to offer HPC and HPCN Immersion Mills from Hockmeyer to customers in the U.K and Ireland.

Immersion Milling offers all of the advantages of media milling with none of the drawbacks of traditional milling. Designed to be highly efficient, easy to use, clean and maintain, the HCP Series Mills are streamlining operations the world over. Traditional milling is slow due to the low velocity of the feed stock passing through the shear zone. This is true of both horizontal and 3-roll mills. To increase velocity through these systems, the intensity of the shear zone must be decreased. Immersion milling works in an entirely different way. Products are passed through an aggressive shear zone at a very high velocity; as fast as 50 passes per hour! This produces very narrow particle size distributions and decreases the bead to product ratio necessary for efficient milling. The HCP Series Mills provide a substantially higher rate of return on invested capital than traditional alternatives.

Hockmeyer Mixing

Admix Fastfeed™ Powder Induction and Dispersion System

Admix Fast Feed

Fastfeed™ Powder Induction and Dispersion System

Mixing has changed. See how.
The Admix Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system consistently delivers perfect product across any batch size. This integrated, skid-mounted inline powder induction and dispersion system is revolutionizing batching by enabling processors to:

  • Cut batch times in half
  • Improve operator safety and ergonomics
  • Reduce energy consumption up to 70%
  • Eliminate dusting and reduce air entrainment

Powder Induction Equipment

The Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system inducts, wets, and disperses countless ingredients, instantly eliminating fisheyes. Proteins, gums, starches, vitamins, fiber, sweeteners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavors, and colors are dispersed at rates up to 450 pounds per minute in a single pass. In addition, the Fastfeed for meat and poultry processors provides inline simultaneous powder induction (up to 160 lbs/minute) and dispersion for any size batch. The high shear is applied inline and tanks act as slow speed “hold” tank mixers and no longer require in-tank high shear mixers.

Powders are introduced at the same rate every time through the Fastfeed hopper so there are no batch-to-batch inconsistencies. If the finished product receives a thermal treatment in a plate heat exchanger, burn-on from unmixed ingredients is eliminated allowing longer process times and fewer CIP cycles.

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In addition, batch times are often cut in half as powders are inducted and dispersed into the liquid stream while the batch tank is being filled. The Fastfeed disperses all powders directly into the blend tank, so there are no more time-consuming pre-blends or “side batches” that require processors to fill, add powder, mix, transfer, and repeat.

And with a total of 15 horsepower driving the pump and the DynaShear, Fastfeed consumes up to 70% less energy than conventional tank mixers.

See the Fastfeed powder induction system in action!

How the Fastfeed improves operations

A specially designed powder suction pump and proven high-shear mixing technology means the Fastfeed delivers rapid, high-performance ergonomic powder mixing and dispersion of dry ingredients into mix tanks. It also offers:

  • Elimination of powder bridging in the hopper
  • Continuous powder mixing and suction so as viscosity and solids levels increase, the system never plugs or fouls
  • Deagglomeration and hydration of even the toughest gums

Powder feed rates are adjusted easily with regulating valves that can be automated to ensure that the proper concentration of dry materials are added quickly and effectively. Complete 100% dispersion of powders is guaranteed as the powder slurry mixture passes through the high speed, high shear DynaShear, where many applications are finished with one pass.

When full hydration of gums is required, the slurry can be recirculated through creating a perfect blend of fully functional ingredients in minutes that could typically take hours in a conventional batch tank. A single Fastfeed skid can also be used to feed multiple tanks for holding or suspending product prior to filling or packaging.

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John Godrich Ltd are proud to represent Schap Speciality Machine Inc. in the UK

Schap Specialty Machines Inc.

Schap are a specialist manufacturer of test equipment used for life cycle wear testing for materials used in many industries including automotive, aerospace and furniture.

Schap design and build a quality range of test equipment such as:

  • Fabric and Leather testing machinery including: Gakushin type rubbing testers, scratch testers, pilling testers, abrasion testers, Wyzenbeek, Martindale and more.
  • Impact testers to GM, Gardner, Kapuskasing and ball impact.
  • Flex- Fold including Bally, Ford, Scott, Greuel fold testers and flexometers.
  • Crocking, Including Gakushin type rub and Veslic.
  • Seam Fatigue.
  • Hart Fog Testers.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic fatigue.
  • Seating fatigue – Ingress Egress including Nissan.
  • Mattress fatigue.
  • Static and dynamic load testers.
  • Pull testers.
  • Noise testing.

See the Full Range.

If you have any requirements or would like further information on Schap products – please use our contact form or call 01584 873 153

John Godrich at SURFEX 2016


SURFEX 2016 – Come and see us!

SURFEX 2016 is being held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, United Kingdom on 24th + 25th May in conjunction with the European Technical Coatings Congress (ETCC) on 25th + 26th May 2016. Proudly supported by the British Coatings Federation (BCF) and Vincentz Network, it is set to become the UK’s must attend coatings event of the year and will gather more than 2000 coatings experts from all over Europe.

SURFEX 2016 is the place to network with your customers and visitors with needs in the following areas:

  • Chemicals and Raw Materials
  • Inks
  • Resins
  • Adhesives and Sealants
  • Protective Coatings
  • Paint Application and Surface Preparation
  • Corrosion and Construction Chemicals
  • Test Equipment
  • Manufacturing Plant

SURFEX 2016 – Come and see us at Stand D34!

We have been exhibiting at Surfex exhibitions for many years, in fact we believe we are possibly the longest standing exhibitor, but this year is a particularly exciting one for us since we are under new ownership and now have a sister company in SJ Electronics with whom we are able to share marketing, IT and sales resources.

As usual, we will be exhibiting a large range of mixing and dispersion equipment particularly suited to the coatings industry:

Production mixing and dispersion plant from Zanelli will be a focus, recent orders have included jacketed vacuum vessels for high speed dispersers and a planetary mixer.

For pilot and laboratory mixing, we offer the Dispermill Vango laboratory disperser range from ATP, with ergonomic design and modern controls.

Pan and IBC washing equipment from CEB Impianti will also be shown.

All of the above are available in ATEX versions for solvent based requirements.

High viscosity products can be developed using PC-Laborsystem’s range of vacuum mixers/dissolvers with jacketed vessels.

Add to this, IBC stirrers from Fluko and Solvent recovery from IST…

But that’s not all, we will be showing and demonstrating some of Zehntner’s high quality Swiss made coatings test equipment, including precision applicators, film thickness gauges, gloss-meters, cross hatch adhesion testers, grinding gauges etc.

Not forgetting QNix dry film thickness gauges!

If you have any requirements, please get in contact with us and we would love to help.

170 litre Thermoelectric cooling incubator

A new cooling Incubator the KT170 has been announced by Binder and this supplements the KT53 and KT115 sizes. The KT170 occupies the same area as the smaller KT115, is stackable and has low noise levels of under 48 dB (A).

Binder is the worlds first manufacturer to bring a unit of this class and interior volume to the market. The unique preheating chamber technology creates reliable and reproducible incubation conditions. Uniform air distribution over both sides of the chamber is ensured even when the incubator is fully loaded.

Testing Laboratory at Zanelli

In addition to John Godrich’s experience in advising customers as to the correct choice of mixing equipment backed up by a demonstration laboratory disperser, we are able to offer pilot/small production facilities at Zanelli, near Parma in Italy.

“The new TEST CENTER ZANELLI at Customer’s service is equipped with laboratory machines having small capacity up to pilot machines that can deal with small-scale production of products with low, medium and high viscosity. Our attention is focused on the aim of reproducing in scale, as far as possible, the functional features and structural properties of industrial size machines. The machines available in the TEST CENTER ZANELLI are equipped with instruments for monitoring and data detection such as: temperature probes, vacuum pump, over pressure, heating/cooling of mixing vessel, variable speed of the tools, etc.. all managed by a supervision system that allows us to collect all the data and the trends of the values during the tests. After completing the tests, results, obtained from the tests carried out, are examined together with the Customer and with the help of our Technical Department, that has an established experience, we are able to calculate which is the most suitable production machine or plant according to Customer’s needs in terms of technical and economical issues.”

It includes,


Twin Shaft Mixer/disperser

Planetary Mixer/disperser

Horizontal mixer


and all the usual laboratory facilities for weighing and measuring.

Please let us know if you have a suitable application.

Precise Gloss Measurement for Small Parts & Curved Surfaces!

Zehntner ZGM1110 and ZGM1120 compact precision gloss-meters have proved popular in the automotive industry for quality control of many curved or shaped plastic parts. They are also used for diverse applications where a very limited or curved measurement area is all that is available, for example chocolate bars.

Measurement areas are only 2mm wide and at 60° measuring angle 4.7mm long.

The instrument are light weight, compact sturdy and portable.

They are supplied with Zehntner’s ‘GlossTools’ software for graphical display and analysis of results.