John Godrich Ltd are proud to represent Schap Speciality Machine Inc. in the UK

Schap Specialty Machines Inc.

Schap are a specialist manufacturer of test equipment used for life cycle wear testing for materials used in many industries including automotive, aerospace and furniture.

Schap design and build a quality range of test equipment such as:

  • Fabric and Leather testing machinery including: Gakushin type rubbing testers, scratch testers, pilling testers, abrasion testers, Wyzenbeek, Martindale and more.
  • Impact testers to GM, Gardner, Kapuskasing and ball impact.
  • Flex- Fold including Bally, Ford, Scott, Greuel fold testers and flexometers.
  • Crocking, Including Gakushin type rub and Veslic.
  • Seam Fatigue.
  • Hart Fog Testers.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic fatigue.
  • Seating fatigue – Ingress Egress including Nissan.
  • Mattress fatigue.
  • Static and dynamic load testers.
  • Pull testers.
  • Noise testing.

See the Full Range.

If you have any requirements or would like further information on Schap products – please use our contact form or call 01584 873 153

by John Godrich

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