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Welcome to John Godrich – The Home of Industrial Testing and Mixing Equipment

John Godrich supply, service and calibrate a wide range of laboratory and industrial testing and mixing equipment throughout the UK and Ireland. Products include laboratory ovens, incubators, balances, mixers dissolvers and dispersers, retroreflectometers, corrosion test chambers, salt spray cabinets, environmental test chambers, surface coatings test equipment, and specialist laboratory equipment for food/feed analysis and effluent/soil analysis.  We also supply Industrial and production plant equipment includes mixers, dissolvers and dispersers; dosing, weighing, filling and pan cleaning devices and waste water treatment plant. Our customers are mainly involved in the automotive, paints, plastics, paper, food, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, road markings and textile industries.

This web site contains some details on our product ranges, but if you’d like further information about anything you’ve seen, or would like us to come back to you with our recommendations for the piece of equipment to suit your particular needs, please phone or e mail us. Alternatively please spend a few moments filling in the inquiry form provided on each product page. We’ll apply our expertise to finding the best solution to your needs.

CEB Impanti
Velp Scientifica
MTS Mass Transfer Systems
Salvis Lab
Water Energy
IST - Italia Sistemi Tecnologici

Mixers & Dispersers:

For over 50 years John Godrich have been supplying high quality European production mixing equipment.
Please contact us for Planetary Mixers, Industrial Mixers, High Viscosity Mixers and High Shear Mixers

Laboratory Dispersers
Planetary Mixers
Industrial Mixers
High Viscosity Mixers
High Shear Mixers

Laboratory & Industrial Ovens:

View our latest range of laboratory ovens including natural convection ovens, fan assisted ovens & vacuum ovens.

View our latest range of Binder ED FD FED VD Series laboratory ovens and our range of Salvislab Thermocenter ovens & vacuum ovens.

Binder Environmental Chambers

BINDER environmental chambers are perfectly suited to material testing under dynamic conditions. The standard rapid alternation speeds of around 5 K/min make standard-compliant testing possible.

An environmental simulation chamber of the MK and MKT Series is suitable for complex temperature profiles in the range of -40 °C (MK) or -70 °C (MKT) to 180 °C.

KMF and MKFT Series dynamic climate chambers not only make material testing in this temperature range possible, but can also regulate humidity in the range of 10 % to 98 % RH.

BINDER climatic chambers also stand out when testing material behaviours under constant temperature and humidity conditions.

A climatic chamber of the KBF P and KBF LQC Series also offers ICH-compliant illumination for standard-compliant long-term tests. In combination with the innovative Light Quantum Control (LQC), they offer a complete reliable solution for photo-stability testing in one chamber.

Wide temperature and humidity ranges can be achieved with KMF Series chambers—ideal for complex stress tests at, for instance, 85 °C and 85 % RH.

Precision Gloss Meters:

View our latest range of Zehntner gloss meters  &  Zehntner test equipment .

Contact us for competitive prices on the Zehntner range including the Zehntner ZGM 1020/1023 Single Angle Gloss Meter, Zehntner ZGM1022 Dual Angle Glossmeter, the Zehntner ZGM1110.268 Compact Triple Angle Gloss Meter and the ZOL1150 for on line measurement in reel to reel processes.

Quality German Made Corrosion Testing Equipment at Great Prices:

Why compromise on the quality and longevity of your corrosion testing equipment?

View our latest range of  salt spray cabinets and Cyclic Corrosion Cabinets for testing to international and manufacturers standards. We also supply condensation water cabinets and ‘Kesternich’ Sulphur Dioxide Cabinets.

Want to get into Salt Spray testing but are worried about entry costs? Refurbished pre-used Liebisch Salt Spray Cabinets are often available at knock down prices.

Service & Calibration

We can supply, service, and calibrate (UKAS) your ovens, environmental chambers and corrosion testing equipment.

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